Salmon Watersheds Program

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Fraser River Pink Salmon Data Review

The Fraser River Pink Salmon Run is one of the largest runs of this species on the Pacific Coast. Harvest of this run is shared by Canada and the United States under terms stipulated
in the Pacific Salmon Treaty. It has been over twenty years since the escapement goal for Fraser River Pink Salmon has been reviewed. During this period, the Fraser River Pink Salmon run size has increased from an average of approximately 10,000,000 fish (1957-1989) to almost 15,000,000 fish (1991-2013), with a number of recent years as high as 20,000,000 fish. Fishery managers require updated biological data that will allow examination of the existing escapement policy, which includes the evaluation of biological status and the development of associated abundance-based biological benchmarks and, concurrently, the development of an escapement goals for the Fraser River Pink Salmon aggregate. This report summarizes historic biological data required for these assessments and includes the following: estimates of adult Fraser River Pink Salmon escapements, catches, total run sizes, and adult biological data.