Salmon Watersheds Program

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April 28, 2023

Are you passionate about data visualization and statistical analysis? Are you interested in convening people for strategic conservation and democratizing data? Then this position is right for you!

The Salmon Watersheds Program is looking for an Analyst to provide technical support in compiling and synthesizing Pacific salmon datasets and developing statistical models for analysing salmon population data.

Read the job description and apply here:

About Us

The Salmon Watersheds Program works to strengthen and provide baseline scientific information on wild Pacific salmon and their habitats. And we don’t do it alone. A core part of our work involves convening people by creating opportunities for enhancing dialogue and collaboration in the salmon world.

We believe collaboration is an essential aspect of conservation and is critical to the success of any technical endeavor. Bringing in local knowledge and diverse perspectives are key, and also building relationships in a setting where people can focus on the science (and not politics) of salmon conservation and management. Further, a common baseline of information is essential for effective management.

Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations spanning from the Yukon to the lower Fraser River. And while our primary objective has been to compile, analyze, and share the best available salmon data, convening collaborative working groups has been just as important as the products we have produced.