Salmon Watersheds Program

The Skeena River Estuary: A Snapshot of Current Status and Condition

December 8, 2015

The Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Skeena Salmon Program is pleased to announce the release of The Skeena River Estuary – A Snapshot of Current Status and Condition.

Skeena River Estuary - Snapshot

The Skeena River estuary provides important nursery habitat for juvenile chinook, coho, pink, chum, and sockeye salmon from over fifty genetically and geographically distinct wild salmon populations. As juvenile salmon migrate out to sea, the estuary serves as a critical transition zone where salmon can grow rapidly as they adapt to their new saltwater environment.

Understanding how anticipated environmental and anthropogenic changes in the Skeena River estuary affect salmon populations is essential to the long-term conservation of wild salmon populations.

This report summarizes the results of our assessment, based on a suite of pressure and state indicators related to water quality, salmon habitat and food, and salmon populations. The methods and design for the assessment were guided by a Skeena Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), who provided valuable feedback, data and advice throughout the project’s development. The results of this project provide a snapshot of our current understanding of the state of the Skeena River estuary, current pressures on estuary habitats, and critical information gaps and key monitoring needs required to evaluate changes in habitat status over time.

More information about the project, as well as links to the full technical report and data quality assessment supplemental, can be found here.