Salmon Watersheds Program

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The Pacific Salmon Explorer is an online data visualization tool developed by the PSF’s Salmon Watersheds Program that provides access to baseline data relevant to Pacific salmon populations and their habitats. Using this innovative platform, the public can explore salmon data through interactive maps and figures and print status reports for individual salmon Conservation Units. The Salmon Watersheds Program convenes the Habitat Science Advisory Committee (HSAC) to help ensure that the methods used to assess habitat data reflects best practices with respect to analysis and visualization of salmon habitat data, as well as considers the diversity and complexity of salmon habitats observed in British Columbia.

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The HSAC is comprised of leading experts in the analysis and visualization of salmon habitat data from academia, government, and First Nations organizations. The primary purpose of the HSAC is to help identify critical uncertainties in habitat assessment approaches, refine and improve the habitat assessment methods utilized in the Pacific Salmon Explorer, and to harmonize PSF’s habitat assessment approaches with government agencies and academic researchers involved in complementary efforts to assess salmon habitats.


  1. Identification of best practices among the different entities involved in efforts to assess salmon habitats in B.C.
  2. Identification of critical uncertainties regarding the assessment of salmon habitats for group discussion and exploration
  3. Collaborative engagement on addressing critical uncertainties for habitat assessments through applied and targeted research efforts
  4. Improvements in the collection and visualization of salmon habitat data and assessments

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