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Conservation Unit snapshots: Alastair sockeye CU

author Connors, B.M.; Pickard, D.C.; Porter, M.; Farrell, G.; Bryan, K.; Casely, S.; Huang, S.
published year 2013
document type conservation unit snapshot, report
species sockeye
subjects biological status, spawner trends, smolt abundance, marine survival, stock-recruitment, productivity, habitat capacity, exploitation rate, age composition, run timing, survey streams, spawning areas, migration route, habitat pressures, proposed development, cumulative effects, indicators, benchmarks, Wild Salmon Policy, Strategy 1, Strategy 2
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Conservation Unit (CU) snapshots are short graphical reports which summarize key information on the state of salmon populations and their habitat.

This snapshot focuses on the Alastair sockeye CU, and includes information on abundance trends, harvest levels, habitat pressures, overall biological status and more.

This snapshot is part of a larger project by the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Skeena Salmon Program that produced a snapshot for each salmon population in the Skeena Watershed. More information about this project, including a link to each snapshot and a report on the methodology and overall results can be found here.