Pacific Salmon Foundation: Salmon Watersheds Program

Our Projects

Our work includes a wide range of projects, from targeted research projects to advance assessment methods and our understanding of the threats facing salmon, to status assessments, to facilitating the development of salmon conservation, recovery, and stewardship plans, to the democratization of information to support evidence-based salmon conservation planning and management.

Salmon Conservation & Restoration in the Thompson-Shuswap Watershed

Snapshots of Salmon Populations & their Habitats in BC

Strengthening First Nations-led Salmon Escapement Monitoring on BC’s Central Coast

Prioritizing Salmon Habitat Restoration in the Lower Fraser River

Assessing Freshwater Climate Indicators & Salmon Vulnerability to Climate Change

Population Science Advisory Committee  

Habitat Science Advisory Committee  

Stream Temperature Modeling for BC

Applying the Pacific Salmon Explorer in Species at Risk Processes 

Developing a Vision for Salmon Monitoring & Stewardship on BC’s Central Coast

Prioritizing Conservation Strategies for Pacific Salmon on BC’s Central Coast

Mapping Thermal Refugia in Salmon Streams

Using Machine Learning to Support Salmon Population Monitoring

Assessing the Vulnerability of Pacific Salmon to Freshwater Habitat Pressures

Exploring How Incomplete Information Affects Biological Status Assessments

Identifying Biological Benchmarks for Skeena River Salmon

Skeena Sockeye In-River Run Reconstruction