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The Nass Area: Cumulative Pressures on Salmon Habitat (Technical Report)

author Porter, M., M. Leslie-Gottschligg, K. Bryan, S. Chen, S. Casley, K. Connors, E. Jones, and L. Honka
published year 2016
document type report, technical report
location Nass Area, northern BC
subjects Nass, habitat, pressure indicators, cumulative effects, Conservation Units
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This report describes the methods and results of an assessment of landscape-scale pressures on salmon habitat in the Nass River Area. Specifically, this project quantified the current extent and intensity of individual habitat pressure indicators (e.g. road development, forest disturbance) on salmon spawning, rearing, and migratory habitats as well as the cumulative risks to these habitats across all pressure indicators.

The primary output of this project includes 22 map-based habitat report cards for each Nass Area salmon Conservation Unit (CU) including eight lake-type sockeye, two river-type sockeye, two Chinook, three chum, three coho, and four pink salmon CUs. These report cards are compiled in The Nass Area: Cumulative Pressures on Salmon Habitat (summary habitat report cards).