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North and Central Coast Salmon Escapement, Catch, Run Size and Exploitation Rate Estimates for Each Salmon Conservation Unit for 1954-2017

author English, Karl; Peacock, David; Challenger, Wendell; Noble, Cameron; Beveridge, Ian; Robichaud, David; Beach, Katie; Hertz, Eric; Connors, Katrina
published year 2018
document type report
species Chinook, chum, coho, pink, sockeye
location North Coast, Central Coast, Skeena, Nass
subjects stock assessment, commercial fisheries, exploitation rate, escapement, reconstruction model, conservation units, CU, Wild Salmon Policy, Strategy 1
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This report summarizes the methods and results of a project to produce the best available time series of escapement, catch, run size, and exploitation rate estimates for each North and Central Coast salmon Conservation Unit (CU) for 1954-2017.

The report builds upon estimates for the 1954-2014 period that were produced through earlier work (English et al. 2016, English et al. 2012). New to this report is a summary of the data sources for the derivations of age composition for each Conservation Unit. In addition, as part of the work described in the report, much of the existing data analysis and storage framework were converted to R to facilitate future data updates and analysis.