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Northern Salmon Integrated Fisheries Management Plan 2021-2022

author Fisheries and Oceans Canada
published year 2021
location Northern British Columbia
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The purpose of this Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) is to identify the main objectives and requirements for the Northern B.C. Pacific salmon fishery, as well as the management measures that will be used to achieve these objectives. The IFMP covers the period June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. This IFMP provides a broad context to the management of the Pacific salmon fishery and the interrelationships of all fishing sectors involved in this fishery. Section 2 considers stock assessment, while Sections 3 and 4 consider the shared stewardship arrangements and the social, cultural, and economic performance of the fishery. Section 5 describes the broader management issues, and the objectives to address these issues are identified in Section 6. Sections 7 and 8 describe allocation, general decision guidelines, and compliance plans. 2018 Post-season review information is outlined in Section 9. Sections 10, 11, and 12 are sections that describe the different fisheries and Section 13 of the IFMP covers off the fishing plans for each salmon species.