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Salmon Management and Enhancement Plans for the Stikine, Taku and Alsek Rivers, 2021

author Pacific Salmon Commission
published year 2021
species Chinook, coho, sockeye
location Transboundary Rivers, Yukon and British Columbia
subjects Transboundary Region, management, enhancement
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Management of transboundary river salmon to achieve conservation, allocation and enhancement objectives, as stipulated by the Pacific Salmon Treaty, requires a cooperative approach by Canada and the United States. It is important that both Parties have a clear understanding of objectives and agree upon procedures to be used in managing fisheries, including criteria upon which modifications of fishing patterns will be based. This document is intended to facilitate cooperative salmon management, stock assessment, research and enhancement by ADF&G, CAFN, DFO, TFN, and TRTFN on transboundary stocks of salmon originating in the Canadian portions of the Stikine, Taku, and Alsek rivers.

This report contains, by river system (starting in the south and moving north) and species, the 2021 salmon run outlooks, spawning escapement goals, a summary of harvest sharing objectives, and an outline of management procedures to be used during the 2021 fisheries. Numerical forecasts are presented for Stikine River large Chinook and sockeye salmon; Taku River large Chinook, sockeye and coho salmon; and Alsek River Chinook and sockeye salmon. Outlooks for other stocks are given qualitatively with reference to brood year escapement data where available. This report also contains plans for Stikine and Taku rivers sockeye salmon enhancement, as well as a detailed list of 2021 field projects that identify agency responsibility and contacts for various functions within each project. Information shown for 2018, 2019, and 2020 is preliminary. Unless otherwise defined, the 10-year average is 2011 to 2020 and the 5-year average is 2016 to 2020.