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Status Update for Fraser River Late-Run Summer Steelhead

author Bison, R.
published year 2022
document type government
species steelhead
location Fraser River, British Columbia
subjects Thompson, Chilcotin, conservation, population forecast
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Fraser River late-run summer steelhead is a group of 10 spatially discrete spawning stocks distributed in the Fraser watershed upstream of Hell’s Gate. The sub-group referred to as “Thompson and Chilcotin Steelhead” comprises 6 out of these 10 stocks.

The current spawning population forecast for Thompson and Chilcotin remains unchanged since the last two updates, estimated at 505 (95% credible interval 401-1387). At the current forecasted abundance, the sub-group is classified as an Extreme Conservation Concern. Reference points that define conservation classifications for this sub-group are the Limit Reference Point of 727 and the Conservation Concern Threshold of 1950. Below 727, the aggregate is classified as an Extreme Conservation Concern. Between 727 and 1950, the aggregate is classified as a Conservation Concern.