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2022 Fishery Audit: Unlocking Canada’s Potential for Abundant Oceans

author Rangeley, R.; Schijns, R.
published year 2022
document type technical report
species other species, Pacific salmon, steelhead
location Canada
subjects Fisheries Act, conservation concern, resilient ocean, sustainable fisheries
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Over the past six years of Fishery Audits, the federal government has made significant investments, developed new policies and updated laws to improve fisheries management. The true measure of success, however, is on the water: have these changes led to healthier fisheries?

According to the indicators in this latest Fishery Audit, the answer is no. Fewer than one-third of wild fish stocks are considered healthy, and the vast majority of critically depleted stocks lack rebuilding plans. The new Fisheries Act rebuilding regulations introduced in April 2022 can — and must — mark a turning point. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) now has a legal requirement to rebuild Canada’s fish populations to support sustainable and prosperous fisheries, healthy coastal communities and a more resilient, bountiful ocean.