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Bridge River Project Water Use Plan: Lower Bridge River Adult Salmon and Steelhead Enumeration Implementaion Year 8

author White et al.
published year 2021
document type plan
species Chinook, coho, steelhead
location Bridge River, British Columbia
subjects radio telemetry, spawning location, migration, habitat suitability index
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The Lower Bridge River Adult Salmon and Steelhead Enumeration program (BRGMON-3) monitors adult salmonids in the Lower Bridge River (LBR) to support evaluation of the effects of flow releases from Terzaghi Dam on salmon productivity. Monitoring in 2019 (Year 8 of 10) consisted of:

  1. Electronic enumeration of Steelhead Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Coho Salmon.
  2. Radio telemetry to inform species-specific spawning location, migration rates, migration timing, and residence times.
  3. Visual surveys to enumerate Chinook and Coho Salmon using Area Under the Curve (AUC) analyses.
  4. Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) surveys to determine the quantity and quality of spawning habitat in the LBR.
  5. Redd surveys to determine Chinook and Coho Salmon spawning distribution and record habitat quality at confirmed spawning locations.
  6. Ageing analyses to evaluate life history characteristics.