Salmon Watersheds Program

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Wild Salmon Policy – Strategy 2: Fish Habitat Status for the Somass-Sproat-Stamp-Ash Watershed


The Somass Watershed was selected as part of a pilot program to test the protocols outlined in the document “Canada’s Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon: Stream, Lake, and Estuarine Habitat Indicators” (Stalberg et al 2009). This specific project deals with Stage 2 of the WSP strategies: Habitat Status Report.

The geographic scope of the project is the Somass River Watershed, West Coast Vancouver Island. The watershed includes the Sproat, Stamp and Ash Rivers, and Great Central, Sproat and Elsie Lakes, and all key tributary streams accessible by anadromous salmon. The objectives of this project are to:

Access and extract information from existing habitat resource datasets and through interviews of key individuals with knowledge of the watershed. Specific information will include:

  • Known or potential limiting factors and high value habitats
  • Possible measures to address limiting factors
  • Possible measures to maintain productivity
  • Habitat protection and protection measures undertaken

— Excerpt from the report’s Introduction