Salmon Watersheds Program

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Extended Time-series of Catch and Escapement Estimates for Skeena Sockeye, Pink, Chum, Coho and Chinook Salmon Conservation Units


This document summarizes the methods and results of a project to produce the best available time series of catch, escapement and exploitation rate estimates for each Skeena salmon Conservation Unit (CU).

The project builds upon estimates for the 1980-2010 period that were produced through earlier work, and provides updated estimates that extend back to 1960 for Skeena sockeye CUs and to 1954 for Skeena pink, chum and coho CUs. Exploitation rates for Skeena Chinook CUs are not available prior to 1984 so the time series for Skeena Chinook was not expanded beyond that previously reported; however, brood year recruitment estimates for the Kalum-late Chinook CU have been updated to include year-specific age composition estimates.